Q1 2024 Ops Budget Request

Following the Q4 2023 developments, we want to continue contributing to PrimeDAO at the current pace in Q1 2024 to accomplish the objectives below.


  • Complete the development and launch of the veD2D tokeneconomy.
  • Launch the initial ETH → D2D Yield Strategy together with SupremeDAO
  • Provide R&D support to the Inverter workstream to design and build an enhanced veFactory product.
  • Continue to manage the Prime Treasury and run the veD2D campaign on Arbitrum, and the SupremeDAO campaign on Ethereum Mainnet.
  • Provide communication support around the veD2D and SupremeDAO Strategy launch.
  • Represent PrimeDAO’s stakes in SafeDAO and Balancer DAO governance.
  • Manage the Prime Telegram and Discord.
  • Continue to host the Prime digital infrastructure (Domain, servers, IPFS, website, Discord, forum, nomination, emails, etc.).
  • Create the PrimeDAO Q1 2024 Update together with the Prime Development Foundation.
  • Continue to scout for and negotiate potential strategic programs.

Total budget requested for Q1 2024
USDC: 7.500
D2D: 2,400,000

To further showcase our long-term commitment to PrimeDAO, we commit to maximum locking the total D2D requested in this proposal paired with our own rETH as soon as the veD2D system launches.

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This proposal has been put up for vote here: Snapshot