PrimeDAO Bribes Proposal

SupremeDAO is a new DAO venture from Daoism Systems, with a mission to make complex DeFi strategies more accessible without compromising on decentralization. SupremeDAO is currently developing an automated leveraged yield farming strategy to provide users with one-click access to complex strategies. You can find more information about the project here and here.

Our plan is to showcase our technology by offering leveraged yield farming on D2D Aura pools on the Ethereum mainnet. The 80D2D-20USDC pool currently offers a 122% vAPR. However, increasing the overall liquidity within the pool will dilute the APR for the current stakers. That’s why we propose a strategy to reinvest a significant portion of the yield (up to 70%) into bribes on Paladin. This will ensure the organic growth of liquidity while maintaining the desired yield for the stakers.

Launching this strategy will benefit both the PrimeDAO and SupremeDAO communities, as it will attract more liquidity into the pool and strengthen the position of D2D. Additionally, by reinvesting in bribes, SupremeDAO strategies will maintain high returns on the D2D-USDC pool.

In this proposal, we kindly ask the PrimeDAO community to support our efforts by adding bribes to the D2D-USDC pool on the mainnet. We propose that PrimeDAO commit to bribing at least 333,333k D2D every 2 weeks from January 11th until April 4th.

The SupremeDAO strategy is scheduled to go live on January 17, 2024.

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