Daoism Systems: PrimeDAO Engineering Squad Formation ($70k)

Daoism Systems: PrimeDAO Engineering Squad Formation Proposal

At the Post-IDO period, PrimeDAO is reaching its maturity and gaining agency as an autonomous element of the web3 ecosystem. That’s why Daoism Systems, as a part of the PrimeDAO decentralization initiative, proposes to form a squad of PrimeDAO dedicated engineering team to become the main development force of Prime in the future. we propose to form a development squad. Daoism Systems will act as a legal platform of the squad.

Key Points

  • As a part of a D2D workstream, Dev Squad is going to focus on a full cycle of software development, starting from writing technical specifications to the actual code implementation.
  • Members of the squad will not be limited to a single legal entity or an organization, everyone is welcome. However, we will prioritize full-time members. Daoism Systems can be provide a legal operations platform for those who need it.

Key Objectives

  • Update Seed module smart contracts and interface to address the current market needs for BD
  • Design and develop a new Prime Pool type on Balancer v2 as the platform for the age of Protocol owned Liquidity, with a focus on D2D co-liquidity initiatives
  • Design and develop governance mechanisms for Prime Launch and Prime Pools
  • Steward the development process for the Proposal Inverter

Operational Goals

  • Hire 3-4 FTE Developers
  • Formalize DAO-wide development and onboarding processes
  • Follow best open source development practices to deliver high-quality software.

Squad Members Role & Responsibilities

1x Tech Lead @Arseny Prime


@Arseny Prime

Leading the development, aligning developers, general tech leadership.

1x Front-end

Building PrimeDAO interfaces, integrating smart contracts and front-end

2 x Solidity

Writing Solidity smart contracts, testing and deployment of smart contracts.


Cycle 1 ( # February )

First month is the preparation stage, the main objective of which is to hire new team members and plan the development for the following months. The more detailed break down of the objectives:

Main Objectives

  • Squad Formation
  • Prime Pools tech spec
  • Seed Module v2 tech spec
  • Stewarding Proposal Inverter
  • Seed Module smart contracts implementation

Cycle 2 (#March)

Second month is the beginning of the development stage. The objectives are:

Main Objectives

  • Prime Pools smart contracts implementation
  • Seed module front-end implementation
  • Proposal Invertor tech spec
  • Prime Launch Governance spec


20 000 USDC for the first month (February)

50 000 USDC for the second month(maybe adjusted based on the how the hiring goes)

Total Funding amount

70 000 USD for 2 months

Multisig Holders


Multisig Address


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