Curve Labs Builder Cycle #5 Proposal: August [73K]

This proposal is created for the Curve Labs contribution to the second half of Cycle #5.
This will cover 4 weeks of work. You can find the details below:

The Scope:

  • We are currently testing the Prime Launch Seed application with a pilot project. We are gathering customer feedback and the team will be looking forward to having a sprint to resolve those.
  • The Prime Launch LBP project is kicked off- We are having workshops for the handover protocol where the whole team is diving deep into the application. Goal is to finalize the workshops and start with development.
  • The Prime Deals project is kicked off. The custom solution for the smart contracts is being built, the team is going through the handover protocol and outlining the details of the applications.
  • We are managing the tokenomics update for Prime, migrating them from V1 to V2.
  • The Governance work is also ongoing. Good progress is made and we have a timeline to work towards.

The Team & Monthly Costs

  • Project/Product Manager: $8500 (1 FTE)
  • Front-End Engineers: $21500 (3 FTEs)
  • Back-End Engineers: $20275 (3.5 FTEs)
  • Writing Support: $4000 (0.5 FTE)
  • UX / QA / User Research: $5000 (1 FTE)
  • Research / BizDev / Community support: $2500 (0.5 FTE)
  • Curve Labs / Operations: $12000
  • Total: $73775