Curve Labs Builder Cycle #7 Proposal: December (80K)

This proposal is created for the Curve Labs contribution to the second half of Cycle #7.

A full breakdown of the contributions and costs can be found here

We have budgeted 9.25 FTEs for the second four weeks and estimate a similar amount of FTEs for the following four weeks of contributions.

There are 5 separate primary objectives that Curve Labs aims to address for this

  • Launch the Prime Launch application with both Seed and LBP modules.
  • Continuation of Prime Deals development.
  • Support PrimeDAO IDO
  • Continuous support for the Prime Rating team.
  • Prime Stewards to lead their respected squads and support the growth of PrimeDAO.

In order to support these tasks, we will be providing support with:

  • PM: 1 FTE
  • Front-End Engineers: 2.5 FTE
  • Back-End Engineers: 3 FTE
  • Writing: 1 FTE
  • UX/QA: 0.5 FTE
  • Research: 0.5 FTE
  • Strategy: 0.25 FTE
  • Biz Dev: 0.5 FTE
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