Curve Labs Builder Cycle #6 Proposal: October (79K)

This proposal is created for the Curve Labs contribution to the second half of Cycle #6.

A full breakdown of the contributions and costs can be found here

We have budgeted 9.25 FTEs for the second four weeks and estimate a similar amount of FTEs for the following four weeks of contributions.

There are 6 separate primary objectives that Curve Labs aims to address for this

  • To provide ongoing governance support and develop the new governance architecture design.
  • To provide ongoing ecosystem leadership and contribute to strategies, product management, business development and monthly calls.
  • To finalize internal feedback for Prime Launch Seed Module and continue development for LBP.
  • To continue development of Prime Deals.
  • To keep supporting Prime Rating.
  • To support the V3 iteration of Prime Pools.

In order to support these tasks, we will be providing support with:

    1. PM: 1 FTE
    1. Front-End Engineers: 4.5 FTE
    1. Back-End Engineers: 1.25 FTE
    1. Writing: 0.5 FTE
    1. UX/QA: 0.5 FTE
    1. Research: 0.75 FTE
    1. Strategy: 0.25 FTE
    1. Biz Dev: 0.5 FTE

This proposal has been submitted for vote (48 hours) here: Snapshot

Hey, thanks for the breakdown!
Would you care to elaborate on the need for so much frontend work?
Which Prime module does need frontend building, and is there a high-level feature list it?
Thank you!

Hey @philh - Thank you for your interest!

You can always check the detailed proposal from the link provided within the initial post. I will link it here again for you convenience.

In regards to your question: The front end team will be working on both Prime Launch and Prime Deals products.

Please feel free to raise any further questions you might have and I will be happy to answer them, cheers :fist:

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Sorry for missing the breakdown!
Thank you :slight_smile: