Curve Labs Builder Cycle #4 Proposal: June - July [60K]

This proposal is created for the Curve Labs contribution to the second half of Cycle #4.
This will cover 4 weeks of work. You can find the details below:

The Scope:

  • We will be working towards finalizing the Prime Launch Seed project. The contracts are going through audit and significant progress is being made on the front-end.
  • We will start working on the Prime Launch LBP project. The back-end team will take a stab at the contracts working hand in hand with the Balancer team. QA team will prepare the handover protocol for wireframes and user stories which will be provided to the Kolektivo team.
  • We will kick off the D2D prototype project. We will cover the initial UX work by setting up multiple workshops through out the month. This will feed into the development which will happen in the following cycle.
  • We will manage the tokenomics update for Prime, migrating them from V1 to V2.

The Team & Monthly Costs

  • Fabian / Back-End Developer: $6000
  • Mihirsinh / Back-End Developer: $3750
  • Marvin / Back-End Developer: $4375
  • Arseny / Back-End Developer: $4000
  • Konstantin / Back-End Developer: $2500
  • Doug / Senior Front-End Developer: $8000
  • Front-End Developer: $6000
  • Kehinde / Junior Front-End Developer: $3500
  • Renç / Project Manager: $7000
  • Bartu / QA Lead: $2000
  • Ataberk / Community & Research: $2500
  • Colin / Designer: $7500
  • Patrick & Curve Labs / Operations: $2875
  • Total: $60000

Kindly note that we have decreased the operation costs due to the $15000 prepayment.


Hey everyone,

Really excited to be here and to start this new chapter of PrimeDAO.

As Curve Labs deepens its engagement I’m happy to field any questions relating to the verticals we are most engaged with, namely the D2D, Prime LAUNCH, and Prime Pools products, as well as the next version of the DAO.


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