Proposal Discussion: Prime Development Proposal #011: Transfer Governance from Alchemy to Snapshot and onboard new stakeholders

The Alchemy governance application has served PrimeDAO for its governance for the first 9 months of its existence. Due to high gas fee’s and the fact that there is no development team working on the Alchemy application has stagnated the progress of the platform making it nearly impossible to use, leading to low governance participation. As PrimeDAO is transitioning towards a next iteration, it is important to improve, streamline and open up the Governance process. In that attempt we aim to move towards a more clear and inclusive governance mechanism and update the current voting power (REP) to ensure that the current stakeholders are correctly represented in PrimeDAO’s governance.

Please take a look at the full proposal below and leave comments either in this forum thread or in the docs directly! :point_down:


I viewed the proposal and I think it makes sense and will lead to improvement! I think, some late joiners may have not joined the old Alchemy governance system, but I think it’s still fair imo

Great proposal! I’m also in support of moving from Alchemy to Snapshot and Boardroom. Especially since we’re able to replicate the system on mainnet.
One question regaring the distribution to new stakeholders. From reading the proposal, it’s not fully clear to me how this distribution came about, do the 20% also reflect PRIME distribution?

Following community feedback we have decided to remove section C. Issuing REP to new stakeholders from this proposal. A separate proposal will be made to update REP in the new PrimeDAO Governance solution.

The proposal has been submitted for vote here: Alchemy | DAOstack

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