Kolektivo Labs Builder Cycle #4 Proposal: July

This proposal is created for the Kolektivo Labs contribution to the second half of Cycle #4.
This will cover 4 weeks of work and is an update from the first proposal from Cycle #4 that has passed here: Alchemy | DAOstack

Contribution details:

$13500 - Business Development and Strategy (Felipe, Luuk, Lavi, Niek): Ongoing relationship building and management with Partners and DAOs, Execution of the PrimeDAO Seed Round in accordance with the proposal, Commercial development of PrimeDAO and its services.

$12000 - Marketing & Community Building(Numa, Luuk, Lavi,Felipe): Ongoing management of the PrimeDAO Socials, Content creation, 2+ blog posts, hosting weekly Steward calls, support ecosystem call, Global DeFI Summit, Create Prime.xyz Website, organize event and marketing campaign at ETHCC.

$10000 - Product Development(Lavi,Luuk,Gui,Jaap,Felipe): Lead Prime Rating (UX, BizDev), Support Prime Launch, Support DAO2DAO, and support Prime Pools

$5000 - Research & Design (Jaap, Gui, Luuk, Felipe, Ruben): Brand development, Visual creation, On-going governance and token design

Other Expenses
$ 2500 - Research group ft DeepDAO: Execute research on DAO tools ft DeepDAO

$750 - Fixed costs: Including Email, Notion & Stacker subscriptions

$ 5000 - ETHCC Event budget - Costs for venue and accommodation

Total: $48.750


One thing I want to point out: we will likely need some sort of DAO API for the D2D interface. It would be great if DeepDAO could become a partner there (think: Coingecko for DAOs).

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