Kolektivo Labs - Contributor Proposal - BizDev & Design | July 2021

This proposal is created for the Kolektivo Labs contribution to the first half of Cycle #5.

This will cover 4 weeks of work and is a follow-up to Cycle #4 that has passed here: Alchemy | DAOstack

Contribution details:

$11.500 - Business Development and Strategy (Felipe, Luuk, Lavi, Niek): Ongoing relationship building and management with Partners and DAOs, Execution of the PrimeDAO Seed Round in accordance with the proposal, Commercial development of PrimeDAO and its services.

$11.000 - Marketing & Community Building(Numa, Luuk, Lavi,Felipe): Ongoing management of the PrimeDAO Socials, Content creation, 2+ blog posts, hosting weekly Steward calls, support ecosystem call, Create Prime.xyz Website, organize event and marketing campaign at ETHCC.

$10.000 - Product Development(Lavi,Luuk,Gui,Jaap,Felipe): Lead Prime Rating (UX, BizDev), Support Prime Launch, Support DAO2DAO, and support Prime Pools

$5.000 - Research & Design (Jaap, Gui, Luuk, Felipe, Ruben): Brand development, Visual creation, On-going governance and token design

Other Expenses
$10.000 - Fixed costs: Prime Rate-athon prizes
$750 - Fixed costs: Including Email, Notion & Stacker subscriptions

Total: $48.250

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One thing I think is needed is to grow the bizdev team by another member for the purposes of expanding support for the upcoming Prime LAUNCH app.

It would be great to seat them in Kolektivo Labs @KolektivoLabs