Kolektivo Labs Builder Cycle #12 Proposal: August + September ($10K + $18K)

In light of the recent strategic and budget discussions, Kolektivo Labs will take Luuk and the DAOops-related tasks into the KL proposal. Ruben has moved to PI, while Gui will not actively work on the project in this cycle. We hope to scale up again in Q4 and continue to roll out of the squad-based structure of

Total Rewards Requested
USDC: 10,000 + 18,000 = 28,000 USDC
D2D: 10,000 + 20,000 D2D

AUG-SEPT 2022 Objectives
There are 5 separate primary objectives that Kolektivo Labs aims to address for this cycle:

  • To manage the Prime service accounts, workspaces, emails
  • To build out and improve the Prime design system
  • To provide research and design support for Prime Pools, Prime Launch and Prime Deals
  • To lead the Prime Governance & Tokenomics Redesign
  • To carry the responsibilities of the DAOops squad in the transition of PrimeDAO

Read the full proposal here.