Audit Funding Proposal: Prime Deals

As we are nearing the end of the smart contract development for the Prime Deals, we will get our contracts audited to ensure full security for our users.

The audit will include:

Smart Contract Audit [Full-Audit, Medium Complexity]
Audit of the D2D/Prime Deals smart contracts, including:

  • Manual Multi-Pass Code Review
  • Automated Code Review
  • Protocol/Logic Analysis
  • Written summary of our findings and possible remedies

This will require $6.000 to be paid to the Byterocket team.


Thank you for creating the proposal @Renc!

In case anyone has questions about us or the audit itself feel free to post them here directly - happy to get back to anyone asap!



This is a fairly easy upvote. These audit funds will springboard one of the most exciting dApps of 2022.

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