Proposal: PrimeDAO Pool Contract Audit (35K USDC)

> Proposal: PrimeDAO Pool Contract Audit

Daoism Systems is developing PrimePools and the first product version is ready for audit. We would like to propose Team Omega, which will create an audit report, compiled on the basis of the findings from different auditors, who are working independently and have many years of experience in developing smart contracts on Ethereum and a pluri-annual experience with developing contracts for DAOs.
This statement defines the scope of the work and other conditions for a smart contract audit.

Scope of the Audit

The code to be audited concerns the contracts that are currently under development in the following repository on github:

There are specifications of the software here: Prime Pools - HackMD

Excluding the contracts in the test directory, the contracts in scope are somewhat over 1700 cloc (source lines of code - i.e. excluding blank lines and comments).


The auditing process includes:

  • A thorough inspection of all the code in scope, and the Solidity contracts in particular
  • An analysis of whether the contracts implement the behavior described in the specifications
  • Automatic analysis of the contracts using tools such as slither
  • An assessment of the tests and test coverage
  • An assessment of how these contracts will be used in a wider context


Our findings will be formalized in a first report that includes a description of any issues we find

After the first report is delivered and the developers have addressed the issues as they see fit, Team Omega will review these fixes and deliver a final report in which it is verified that any errors or vulnerabilities previously identified have been properly remediated.


The review process will start from the day when the first payment has been received and the code

  • The developers will deliver the code to be audited no later than June 16, 2022
  • The first report will be delivered within 2 weeks of the starting date.
  • The developers will address any issues within 2 weeks of delivery of the first report
  • The final report will be delivered within 1 weeks after these issues have been addressed

To make the process more efficient, Team Omega will communicate any major issues as we find them, so these can be addressed immediately.


The audit is on a best-effort basis. In particular, the audit does not represent any guarantee that the software is free of bugs or other issues, nor is it an endorsement by Team Omega of any of the functionality implemented by the software.

Single Point of Contact

Omega and Customer will each appoint a person who shall receive all communications and coordinate responses to questions and concerns on behalf of their respective parties and affiliates with respect to this agreement, including billing and operational matters. The point of contact for Omega is The point of contact for PrimeDAO is arseny

Payment Conditions

The total price for this audit is $ 35,000, to be payable in USDC

Of this sum:

• $10,000 is payable on acceptance of this offer
• $15,000 is payable on delivery of the preliminary report
• $10,000 is payable on delivery of the final report