Audit Funding Proposal: Prime Launch LBP (12K)

As we are nearing the end of the smart contract development for the LBP module of Prime Launch, we will get our contracts audited to ensure full security for our users.

The branch for the audit: GitHub - PrimeDAO/contracts-v2 at omega-audit-lbp

The contracts are:-

  1. LBPManager - contracts/lbp/LBPManager.sol
  2. LBPManagerFactory - contracts/lbp/LBPManagerFactory.sol
  3. SignerV2 - contracts/utils/SignerV2.sol

The tests are:-

  1. LBPManager unit tests - test/unit/lbp-manager.spec.js
  2. LBPManagerFactory unit tests - test/unit/lbp-manager-factory.spec.js
  3. SignerV2 unit tests - test/unit/signer-v2.spec.js
  4. Integration test with Gnosis Safe - test/integration/deploy-lbp.js

This will require $12.000 to be paid to the Omega Auditing team.


This proposal has been submitted for vote (48 hours) here: Snapshot