Community and Support Squad Transparency Initiative

Community and Support Squad Transparency Initiative


In the last month, elsewhere in PrimeDAO people were vocalizing their concerns about the lack of communication and transparency between squads. To address this problem Community and Support Squad (C&S below this point) initiated regular Community calls that required leads to share the developments of their respective product or workstream. However, we believe this has to be carried further than the community calls. In order to achieve that goal we proposed this proposal called “ The Transparency Initiative.”


  1. PrimeDAO information must be available to the community. To ensure that establish a system of recording discord calls to increase transparency and help an asynchronous work environment.
  2. Perform transparency audits for all Product and Workstream squads to increase transparency.

Milestones to realize goals

Goal 1:

  • Create an organizational structure for recording calls. The C&S squad will be in charge of that process to ensure we are recording all the necessary calls and publishing them in a timely manner.

  • To educate squad members @Mert Ozd will prepare a tutorial video about how to record discord calls. (Unfortunately, discord API does not share video data so creating a bot to do that job is impossible, at least to my knowledge.)

  • The types of calls that can be recorded and published are Squad sync calls, and Community calls.

  • Private calls CANNOT be recorded.

Goal 2:

  • According to criteria from below C&S squad will conduct an internal transparency audit to all squads. C&S will spread Transparency Checklist (written below) for each cycle proposal to the leads to fill themselves.

  • For the audit to be successful, the squads will prepare the documentation needed to fulfill the audit criteria/checklist and post it on the forum. The community and support squad and other squads will assess the documentation. The audits will be conducted for each * cycle; however, squads can request transparency audits between cycles to improve their shortcomings. As a result of the audits, squads will receive scores that classify them as :

Excellent-“The squad is very transparent”

Good- “The Squad is somehow transparent”

“Need Improvement”- “The Squad is encouraged to work with the Community and Support squad to be more transparent.”

Transparency Audit Criteria/Checklist

Info availability

Score: __/10

[ ] Is the roadmap of the squad clear in the proposal ? Share the link: (5 pts)

[ ] Is it up-to-date? Please highlight any changes. (3 pts)

[ ] Does the Squad lead communicate the changes to the roadmap with its contributors or the community? (2pts)

  • Communication channels (please mark at least one)

[ ] Telegram/Discord

[ ] Forum

[ ] Meeting

[ ] Others: ______________

  • Proof of communication (please share links)


Score: __/9

[ ] Are the main tasks clearly assigned to the contributors? [ ] Yes [ ] No (6pts)

[ ] Does the WG communicate the role/tasks of its contributors? (3pts)

  • Communication channels (please mark at least one)

[ ] Telegram/Discord

[ ] Forum

[ ] Meeting

[ ] Others: ______________

  • Proof of communication (please share links)

Decision making (Sovereignty)

Score: __/5

[ ] Does the team follow the democratic process in making group decisions? Share a link (telegram, discord, forum, etc.). (3pts)

[ ] Does the WG communicate the decisions with its contributors or the community? (2pts)

  • Communication channels (please mark at least one)

[ ] Telegram/Discord

[ ] Forum

[ ] Meeting

[ ] Others: ______________

  • Proof of communication (please share links)


The WG will do their own computation and give themselves a rating.

Maximum score: 24

Squad score:

The transparency rating will be assigned with a category.

:green_circle: Excellent: “The squad is very transparent” ,24-17 Point

:yellow_circle: Good: “The Squad is somehow transparent”, 16-10 Point

:red_circle: “Need Improvement”: The Squad is encouraged to work with the community and support squad to be more transparent. 9-0 Point

The results should be then posted on the forum so the C&S squad and others can review them. For Squads with Yellow or Red rating, the C&S squad will give recommendations to improve their transparency.


This initiative will require some extra labor from our squad. The C & S squad will request 2550 dollars worth of D2D for 3 month (each cycle) to conduct that process and incentivize new contributors to help us with that process.

The cost breakdown as follows:

(After the first advice period we will assign tasks to contributors. This proposal is the first iteration to have feedback from our community.)


Discord Handles:

Mert Ozd#6679






Hey team,

I just want to start by saying…GREAT INITIATIVE!
I have multiple questions regarding operations;

  1. Where will we store the data?
  2. Who will coordinate & maintain the recordings?
  3. What are the solutions that will be implemented if there is a need for improvement?
  4. What are the incentives if the score is excellent?

I think a proposal will need to state detailed milestones and deliverables + value proposition.


First of all, thank you for your comment. I appreciate it.

So to answer your questions:

1- I was planning to store data in the PrimeDAO Youtube account.

2- I will coordinate the recording process. I will be responsible to upload all the recordings on Youtube and continuity of the process. The recording will largely be conducted by the C&S members as our members are present in all calls except in Prime Rating calls. We will contact the Prime Rating squad and find a recorder within the squad. We will provide support to the recorder by tutorials etc. Also, to track recording activity, we will use a shared excel table and assign recorders for regular calls. In case of irregular events (AMA’s, Community events), we will assign a recorder one week before the event on our Friday sync.
Excel Table to see recorders and all the calls: C&S CALL RECORDÄ°NGS - Google Sheets

3- Here, I don’t have a very clear answer. I am open to any recommendations. However, what I was thinking is that a member of the C&S squad can work with the squad lead for 2 weeks to detect what cause the lower score for this proposal, and work on the pain points together. For example, the reason for a bad score could be poor accountability description for squad contributors. In this case, the C&S squad could help lead to prepare clearer role descriptions for the squad’s objectives.

4- Again, on that, I will appreciate any suggestion. I was thinking of the result of this report as a signaling mechanism. For example, we can think this as a non-binding legal decision, no one is getting punished due to results but it may cause a loss of legitimacy. For example, if a squad consistently score “need improvement” it may affect the position of the proposal in the governance process. Also, we can reward the top best-performing squads or squads with an excellent score.

Thank you

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Love the intention of the proposal, and how it has been structured. I have one concern about the decision making section of this proposal, that is, I am not sure if it can be monolithically applied but to work streams and to product squads, which may have different governance mechanisms oriented towards different purposes. Product squads for example, make decisions with the authority of the product manager to deliver the product and move forward with the development process. How feasible is it to involve community here, who might not have the expertise or familiarity to be involved with data to day decision makings of the reduct? Why is a democratic process aimed for such a product development process? since these questions do not address the realities of product squads, I feel like we need a clarification about what kind of work streams will this cover, or how will the accountability metrics be defined for each work stream?