Unwinding the PRIME liquidity pools

Following the passing of the proposal to formalize the transition to a new Prime token, This draft proposal aims to unwind the PRIME liquidity pools controlled by PrimeDAO to smoothen the transition to the new PRIME token.

PrimeDAO currently governs liquidity in the following two pools:

  • BPRIME Pool: PrimeDAO owns 125,000 BPRIME tokens (49%).
  • BAL x PRIME: PrimeDAO owns 135.900 BAL x PRIME tokens (72%).

We propose withdrawing all assets from the two pools to reduce the amount of PRIME actively market making to reduce PRIME trading activity ahead of the relaunch of PrimeDAO and the transition to the new PRIME token.


I’m in favor of this! The V1 PrimeDAO token was great for testing, but it’s time we sunset it. Removing liquidity will help reduce the attention the token gets (to near 0).

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This is necessary and should be done ASAP.


I am in favor. However, if the proposal passes, let’s make sure it’s well-communicated in advance.

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