Prime Rating Q1 Budget Proposal (158.5k)

This proposal is to establish the first product-only budget, covering the development and contribution to Prime Rating in Q1 2022.
Contributions for January were mostly covered in Kolektivo Labs Builder Cycle #7 Proposal, however, some expenses have not been covered and are therefore added to this proposal for retrospective rewards.

A full breakdown of the contributions and costs can be found here.

In summary, we have budgeted ~4.5 FTEs for the eight weeks of this cycle. This proposal also includes 30k in rewards and prizes of Rating Season 2, plus 20k for a potential Rate-athon in late March (tbc).
Further, it also covers expenses for marketing activities and community bounties, which is rather difficult to estimate, as there are no precedence expenses. Hence, most expenses that are not salary for the core team are rough estimations.

There are six separate primary objectives that the Prime Rating team aims to address for this

  • To provide ongoing product leadership/ stewardship and steer the development of Prime Rating in conjunction with the goals and strategy of PrimeDAO
  • To hold the second Prime Rating Season, expanding coverage of DeFi protocols and to update older reports
  • To support BD & Marketing efforts for Prime Rating
  • To continue the development of the Rating frontend, backend and API
  • To expand the focus of Prime Ratings services (e.g. Launch curation or research on demand)
  • To lead the design of Prime Rating governance and org structure
  • To expand the expertise of the current team by finding high impact talents

This budget is split into two parts and covers (1) the expenses for fixed stipends (72k), incl. a buffer for potential new hires.
And (2) the expected expenses (86.5k) for Rating Season 2, Rate-athon #3 and other activities for the benefit of the DAO run by the community.

The currency allocation is as follows:

  • 108’500$ in USDC
  • 50’000$ in D2D = 135’135 D2D (@ 0.37$ 10-day MA price)

I am happy to see Prime Rating finding its way into creating a sustainable business model. However, it would be great to have a more transparent breakdown of the costs.

A good way to do this would be to list the people working on each job, their discord, and/or telegram handles. This will increase the proposal’s credibility and help other workstreams to coordinate.

I am sure other DAO members love to see proposals like this one visible on the # governance discord channel, so we can provide feedback before the proposals are up to vote.


Hey Numa, thanks for your feedback.
Regarding listing of names, I followed the same approach from previous proposals which don’t list names. In addition, most of these numbers are not fixed, but have a variable part and the amount listed here is on the upper boundary. So adding a name to a number in this proposal could lead to false assumptions.


I agree with Numa. I am supportive of this proposal, and also super excited for the new chapter of Prime Rating. I just saw the reply of Lavi to Ata, and dropping the milestones and deliverables here for anyone else to check out

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