TIP-02 - Add Overview Section Before Scorecard

[TIP-02] Add Overview Section Before Scorecard - Fundamental Template

Author : Squidbit / Squidbit#0377
Section/Question : New section (added in the template before the rating scorecard so as to be on the first page)
Date : 23/05/2022
Link to discussion : TIP-02 - Add Overview Section Before Scorecard
Status : Draft

Add an Overview section before the scorecard in the Fundamental Rating template. Limit this section to 250 words.

Problem Specification
There is currently no section in the fundamental rating template that allows raters to summarize or provide an overview of the project they are rating. Typically this results in a portion of the Value Proposition section being used to summarize the project or a summary not being provided at all. Not having an overview section makes reports difficult for readers to consume efficiently and have basic context for what type of project is being reviewed.

Proposed Solution
Add an Overview section to the fundamental template before the rating scorecard (on the first page of the report). Adding this section will allow readers to orient themselves easily when reading a fundamental report and will also improve the overall formatting of the report. This is the exact text being proposed:

Please generally describe the project being evaluated. This section should give readers a basic understanding of the project using concise, summary language. More detailed information should be provided in each section below. Please limit to 250 words. --Please delete this prompt after adding overview text.–”

A mock-up example of how this change would look is provided below:

Vote Specification

FOR: An Overview section (as shown above) is added to the first page of the Fundamental Rating template.

AGAINST: An Overview section is not added and the Fundamental Rating template remains unchanged.


In favour!

Can you pls change header to TIP 003 :slight_smile:


I agree. It seems to be a great way of putting the reader’s needs first by allowing him or her a general understanding of what they are going to read in more detail.


Agree, in novelty solution section only describes the technical and organizational degree of innovation. Support this

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@Lavi If you feel sufficient discussion has occurred for this TIP, would you kindly organize a vote on Snapshot at the next earliest convenience?

Don’t want to interfere with Season 3, but thinking this can potentially be voted on now and planned for implementation after the season’s conclusion (if successfully passed). Thanks.


can you please just explain (you can take some examples)on which specific information will the overview refers to?

what needs to be explained under “structure”?

Thanks @dabar90 . I am open to re-wording the prompt text so it is more clear, but I envision the overview section having a brief explanation of what the project is (I.e. “Project XYZ is the first decentralized lending protocol built on Ethereum.”) and then maybe 1–3 summary sentences from each of the main sections of the report (value prop, tokenomics, team, governance). This section is just meant to orient the report reader at the beginning of the report so they know have a basic understanding of the project and can delve deeper in each of the sections to follow. If you have specific verbiage you’d like to change in the prompt, please feel free to propose!

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Thanks @squidbit, I thought it was an “about-style” overview, but this is much better for readers and raters.

gm @squidbit yes lets move this TIP forward. It would be great if you can clone your proposed solution into the TIP template, post it again in this forum for everyone to see how the actual solution would look like. And afterwards we can use it for the Snapshot vote.

Feel free to assign it number 002, since this is only the second TIP to officially go to Snapshot if I’m not mistaken? Numbers should actually only be assigned after discussion phase, to keep the sequence consistent.


thanks @Lavi . Edited the original post here to follow the template.

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I want to put this up for snapshot vote!

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