[TIP-00] TIP Template DRAFT

[TIP-XY] Title

Author: Forum name / Discord handle
Section/Question: Please specify which section and question are affected
Date: Date of posting the proposal
Link to discussion: Add a link to forum or Discord discussion
Status: Draft, Proposed, Final


Please add a short summary of the problem and the proposed changes in 2-3 sentences.

Problem Specification

First, please specify which exact part is affected by this proposal (e.g. title, question, table).
Second, please describe the state quo and what the observed problem is. In case of adding a new section or question, please explain what is missing.

Proposed Solution

Please describe the proposed solution to the aforementioned problem and provide an exact description of the update (e.g. how will the question be rephrased, what exact wording will be added, how do the new scores influence the rating, etc.). This section should clearly define, how the updated version will look like.

Vote Specification

FOR: Describe in one sentence what happens if voted FOR

AGAINST: Describe in one sentence what happens if voted AGAINST

[NOTE]: This template is still in draft mode. Inputs to improve and feedback are highly appreciated. The goals is to finalize this template within the next week (until Feb 23rd). After which this will go for a vote. Should it be accepted, updates to this template will require a governance vote.


Question: Should one TIP be use per improvement? Or can multiple be inserted in one TIP.

I am asking as for instance if I agree with change A but disagree with change B. I will have to vote against it although I am for it partially.

I think added clarity around this would be helpful (i.e. say adjust voting options etc.)

Personally I would prefer the header “Proposed Update” to be renamed to “Proposed Solution” - wdyt?

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Thanks for this input. Imo we should allow for multiple improvements per TIP.

You’re right in that this can potentially be an issue. But I don’t think we should limit the number of changes one can propose. In my opinion, it is be up to the proposer to decide how many changes they want to include.
Depending on the discussion and sentiment check before going to a vote, one should get a good sense of how a proposal is perceived.


Agree with Lavi here. If a TIP is contentious, it can be discussed and split up.
Perhaps to make sure this is clear, add this in somewhere in the template? Something like:
We have the following improvements. If you do not agree with one of them, please do not vote again, but first raise your concern.

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Updated the process description and added this input under “What is a TIP?”.

Lmk if that’s what you were looking for @RatingPepe & @xm3van?


I agree with multiple changes per proposal.

Something I was thinking about was dedicating a lead to moderating or collecting ideas for improvements for each update period? To initiate the discussion on the templates in the community each season to make sure iterative improvements happen.


I think that’s a good idea, but the necessity depends quite a bit on the amount of proposed changes. I think we should give this time to evolve before forcing anything through appointing a moderator to lead. But happy to adjust if we see the need for it.