PDP15: Redeploy Seed Contributors Vests and Pause Early Contributors Vests

Background & Motivation
With PrimeDAO’s operations having been minimized to reduce further budget spending, no fixed roles are currently allocated at PrimeDAO. Despite low activity currently, PrimeDAO holds various assets (tech, tokens, relationships) that can be re-activated at the right moment. As a DAO, each of the D2D stakeholders should have equal access to these resources and the governance of such.

This proposal discusses the option of pausing all but the Seed Contributor streams to further equalize the playing field between the 100s of contributors PrimeDAO has had over the past years and limit the circulating supply of D2D.

Proposal Breakdown
a) Pause all but the Seed Contributors’ Sablier token streams

This action would lead to canceling ~25 sablier streams associated with contributors who participated in Prime in 2020, 2021, and 2022 and, as a result, are receiving early team streams until October 1st, 2024.

In the future, PrimeDAO could decide to restart these vests.

b) Move seed contributors’ vests to Sablier V2

A new and better version of Sablier (a token streaming platform used for vests) is available. Re-deploying the seed vests on the V2 of Sablier will make it easier to manage these vests.


As the second-largest contributing team to PrimeDAO, we are open to pausing the streams and will continue to look for new ways to contribute to PrimeDAO. When the time is right, we’re confident Prime’s vision of turning DeFi into a collaborative game will have a good chance, and we’ll be here for it!


All Sablier V1 vests have been canceled.

Due to a Safe Bug - the remaining 2.25% of Seed Contributor vests might need to be streamed through Sablier V2 in the coming two weeks. An easy fix would be sending the remaining 2.25% D2D to the Seed Contributors on the 1st of October, ensuring all Seed Contributors have vested their total share of D2D tokens by the correct date.