PDP14: Develop and Implement the Prime Badges system using Otterspace

Background & Motivation

In the Fall of 2021, PrimeDAO started working on Badges as a solution to provide context to roles and relationships within a DAO.

An MVP which utilized ERC1155 token standards was developed in December 2021 and is primarily geared toward recognizing different types of contributors in a DAO. The tool was piloted by The DAOist, which uses it for the Governance of DAWN, their governing DAO.

Due to budgetary constraints, the MVP of Badger was never progressed, and a full version is yet to be released. In the case of a new funding round, Badger development would have continued in Q3 2022; however, the market circumstances made this complex, and Prime had to decrease its spending aggressively. As a result, Badger had to be deprioritized further. At this time, more soul-bound token and badger-like projects started popping up. Prime engaged all of the different builder groups to evaluate which project shares the Prime ethos and product vision. The conversation with them developed further based on Otterspace’s focus on DAO operators, individual contributor recognition, and user-friendliness. Prime Contributors started drafting a vision on how to use the Otterspace technology for the better coordination of PrimeDAO.

This proposal aims A. to ratify the Prime Badges structure, the creation of the badges in Otterspace, and B. to establish a Guild on Guild.xyz to manage access control, streamline stakeholder management and organize network communication.

Badges Breakdown

A. Prime Steward proposes to mint different categories of badges, as outlined below:

Organizational Structure

1. Prime Owned Wallets
Description: PrimeDAO’s main treasury will mint a Badge for each of the wallets it controls to allow for better accounting and management of assets.
Qualification: Any wallet (incl Safes) that is controlled directly or indirectly by PrimeDAO.
Duration: No end date
Utility: Provides structure for internal and external accountants and operators.

2. Strategic Partner

Description: Any DAO or organization that has established a Strategic Partnership with PrimeDAO
Qualification: Completed a token swap with PrimeDAO worth 500,000 or more D2D
Duration: No fixed duration - managed by PrimeDAO
Utility: - Access to Prime Network Strategy Telegram Group (Guild.xyz)

3. Partners
Description: Any DAO or organization that has established a Partnership with PrimeDAO
Qualification: Any DAO that completed a token swap or an EthSign agreement with PrimeDAO.
Duration: No fixed duration - managed by PrimeDAO
Utility: - Access to Prime Network Partners Telegram Group (Guild.xyz)

Role Assignment

1. Stewards
Description: Issued to three to five Prime Stewards who will be selected by PrimeDAO voters in Q1 2023 to serve until the end of 2023.
Qualification: Formally applying to become a Steward and being among the selected Stewards. Need to comply with Steward responsibilities to maintain the Badge and its perks.
Duration: Until EOY 2023 and managed by PrimeDAO
Utility: - Governance power equal to 250,000 D2D in Snapshot - Access to Prime Stewards Telegram group (Guild.xyz)

2. Active Contributor Q1 2023
Description: Issued to any individual who is actively contributing to PrimeDAO
Qualification: Any contributor who is scoped within a proposal for at least 50 hours in Q1 2023
Duration: Until the end of Q1 2023

  • Governance power equal to 50,000 D2D in Snapshot
  • Access to Q1 Contributors Telegram group (Guild.xyz)

3. OG Contributor
Qualification: Anybody with 100REP or more (80 addresses)
Utility: Governance power equal to 10,000 D2D (Snapshot)
Access to Prime OGs Discord channel (Guild.xyz)

Prime Rating Badges

1. Rating Rank Badge
Description: Badge issued to
Qualification: Any contributor with a rank in Prime Rating
Duration: No fixed duration - Managed by Prime Rating

  • Access to respective rank’s channels in Telegram group and Discord (Guild.xyz)

Again (as in PDP13), I’m happy to see and support the initiative!

Introducing the different badges with its D2D-equivalent voting powers can give a greater visibility to Prime’s governance structure and give a bigger voice to its network of partners and current and past contributors.
I’m also interested in seeing how badges can be adopted more fluidly for specific initiatives, giving its stakeholders more transparency and a more active voice in them.

I’m also happy to see Prime working with tools from close and value-aligned projects such as Otterspace and Guild.xyz!

Thanks for putting it up!


Thx for bringing this up Luuk!

As we updated our governance framework in PDP13, having a badge system and creating a governance utility in relation with D2D is what we needed! Fully supporting this…