Onboarding Journey and Rewarding system

Within the last couple of months, PrimeDAO has grown massively. Currently, we have 80 individuals interested in contributing to PrimeDAO but only for 5-15 hours/week. Even though the onboarding model works for full-time contributors, due to the load of information that individuals seem to get in the web3 & and the drive to get involved in multiple projects, we face a number of issues in the day to day implementation.

These issues are:

  • We observed a tendency for contributors to quit because there is a misalignment between their available time and the time required from us.
  • Usually, the trial period is considered a big responsibility that individuals can take. It is a full-time job, limiting individuals to take over this opportunity long-term. We often observe contributors joining and then quitting after 2-3 weeks due to lack of time. This leads to losing them overall as contributors.
  • On the other hand, we see contributors getting onboarded and losing their interest due to information asymmetry.
  • Struggling to track peoples’ contributions to the DAO, and since each contributor is working with a number of different squads and teams each time.


  1. We aim to introduce a smoother contributors’ journey structure by introducing one more step on the contributors’ journey. People get onboarded, start contributing with small and concrete tasks, and when they feel ready, they apply for jobs with bigger responsibilities.
  2. Meet people halfway and create a pool of individuals who can contribute in their own way to the DAO by engaging with individual tasks.
  3. The community and support squad can independently organize, track, and manage contributors’ contributions through Wonderverse data.
  4. Introduce a culture of gratitude and appreciation by utilizing Tip Party.


  • We suggest a fully rewarding task management and onboarding model utilizing Wonderverse and Tip Party to help people get involved and get to know Prime gradually through experience.
  • People get onboarded as community contributors individually, and get directed to the Wonderverse private board. They can pick tasks to contribute slowly or join PrimeDAO full time through the internal open positions. The task management is separated into 4 different categories, not started, in progress, in review and done. Contributors can request to contribute in different ways based on managers’ requests and tasks.
  • The task management is separated in 4 different categories, not started, in progress, in review and done. Contributors can request to contribute in different ways based on managers’ request and task.
  • When their contribution is approved, the task will move to done, and every second week, contributors will get compensated in D2D. This solution saves costs for the DAO by completing multiple payments at once.
  • By getting assigned with small or medium Prime tasks, the team can evaluate talents and create an internal pool of contributors that later can become full-time contributors in Prime. With Wonderverse’s data, we can talk about contributors’ activity, growth and connection with Prime. This can be used for shoutout great contributions on our community calls.
  • Additionally, we can track the time that someone is contributing to Prime and reward their contributions with an extra amount of D2D to show appreciation for their dedication. If we have contributors starting new initiatives, we can use Wonderverse to structure their deliverable milestones and separate them from small tasks.
  • Further, we can use Tip Party to show appreciation for people’s work. If a specific task or content takes a lot of attention, contributors individually can show their gratitude by tipping the creator independently.

Who will use the ecosystem board:
Product Coordinators
Ecosystem Coordinators

What its we need:
Chrissu to Set Up of the Wonderverse account
Chrissu to create a price list for different tasks
Alp to add a payment method from the ecosystem multisig
Chrissu to create a process for product leads & ecosystem leads to share their needs

Do you approve the above structure?


I see myself as the ‘target’ of this proposal as a contributor. Currently been around PrimeDAO for around a month, and I can gladly say that my ideology is aligned with the people around this DAO. Rating is a good way to participate in PrimeDAO. But any kind of contributor support would surely increase participation. Overall proposal is well thought out. My only question is why we do not utilize DeWork platform which is already established with PrimeDAO accounts. Wonderverse seems an alternative to DeWork, but I just got curious about why not utilize the existing tool fully?


Some feedback:

Task definition and monitoring is critical to any mechanical turk or crowdsourcing. Many DAOs make the mistake of trying to be open to anyone to ‘contribute’ with no concrete definition or measurable KPIs from said contribution.

Generally I’d say the majority tasks must exist in support of product strategy as well. Something to keep in mind.


I think Dework is an amazing way for new contributors to start finding their way around The DAO, as well as see where they fit best.Also, think there could be people looking to contribute with the required skills as well as ones without. I believe it could work for both. However, it is also important to try filter out the actual solid contributors and passers who might not share the same mission / values


Other than Prime rating, I think it is difficult for new members to know where they would fit best within The DAO. Tasks that new members feel are doable as well as community hangouts would be a great way to get started and gradually make their way through. My only concern is the sustainablity or availability of tasks, and whether there will be some sort of level up board. Could help know what new contributors are working towards.
Also, it would help alot to put out some form of message out there once the system is restructured. I’m positive it could attract people with the right skills to join more


Can anyone give me a good argument why DeWork is good for collaboration? I used that tool first time before 1-2 weeks when Prime put bounties there. I was assigned for bounty and started work on that, but after two days I wasn’t on the board table. Why do we need that? It seems like a closed system to me, where am I wrong?
Tnx for answer

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Overall Dework is an excellent tool for coordination. As Prime gets bigger we should introduce the tooling to track, build and create autonomous processes. To make sure that people who are involved have a good and clear experience and they can grow inside the organization.
Did it happen once? Have you used it after that?

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That’s a great note here.

We definitely don’t want to do that mistake. The shared tasks will be well defined to ensure the support and success of the products. Having said that, a clear structure and the right tooling are essential.

I didn’t and don’t have a plan because I personally expect when to assign some task, it enter into my work schedule - a perfect example is google docs and sheets for Prime Rating. When I choose a protocol for a report - I can focus on work. Tools like DeWork (optimized version of Airtable) and tricks like “first-come-first-served”, “assign reassign” only create limitations.
But, this is only my opinion on that specific “collaboration” tool, I didn’t use Wonderverse yet

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That’s a good question.

After a call that I had with the Wonderverse team yesterday their product seems really efficient on many different levels.

In the beginning of Q1 one of the major ideas was to increase the engagement of new contributors by giving them a space to share ideas.

Wonderverse provides us with a feature called Proposals. Imagine a board named proposals, where people can introduce different initiative, ideas, tasks etc etc.
To ensure the effectiveness of the process, only people who have been in PrimeDAO for more than 10 tasks will be able to create proposals. The contributors will be able to discuss, suggest and align through the comments. Every 2 weeks, we can go over the different proposals to approve them or decline them.

Except for the same features that Dework supports, there are a few other advantages:

  • Starting with the ability to create multiple roles and adjust the features. Roles can be core, ecosystem contributor, community contributor, or visitor.
  • Secondly the board makes the whole experience easier, by providing a Drive folder feature. There we can add documents such as wiki, articles, connections and generally any documentation needed, categorized accordingly , This means that community contributors don’t have to be a part on Notion but they can get access only to certain pages based on their needs, making their experience much less chaotic.
  • Lastly, due to the stage they currently are, we will be able to have exceptional support and guidance or even possibilities to request features and make suggestions.

Wonderverse team is working on brings a point system, where contributors will gain points based on the task’s level, time and importance. This can be used as an incentivization tool for newcomers while we gamify the process.

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The community contributors will not be involved in branded marketing activities or product development. The task management tool will be a way to start getting involved with the DAO, it will work as a funnel by providing early access to open positions on the teams, etc.

The community contributors will be involved:

  • Creating referral content
  • Creating art such as Discord content such as emojis and memes
  • Creating personal reviews for Prime products
  • Creating independent educational research to map down PrimeDAO and its products
  • Engaging by creating questions and challenging governance suggestions to find flaws in the system and thrive for improve
  • Scouting activities and competitions
  • Event planning & support
  • Onboarding

Thanks for starting the conversation @Chrissu! As mentioned above, Rating already started to use Dework a few weeks ago, we still have to get better at using the tool, but so far it’s been a nice addition to our tool suite, and helps the team to distribute tasks and onboard new folks.
Regarding this list of features, I’m pretty sure Dework covers all of these as well, no? Unless Wonderverse has a killer feature that Dework hasn’t, I don’t see a reason for introducing another coordination tool rn. Happy to be convinced otherwise.
Agree with @papa_raw that clearly defining the tasks is most important for ease-of-onboarding. Also each task should ideally be connected to one of our shared goals/milestones. For rating these can be found here (to be udpated soon).


I absolutely see your point of view on how Dework structure can be beneficial for Prime.

At the same time, I feel that we can experiment with both tools. The approach we can follow is to continue using Dework with Prime Rating since the process and the contributor’s structure are already built, and structure PrimeDAO’s community bounties on Wonderverse to experiment with the new tool.

Once everything is structured, and as Wonderverse is growing, we can revisit the subject to add Prime Rating under PrimeDAO umbrella on the Wonderverse boards. This will give us the wholistic approach we want to achieve and we are creating the space for experimentation with different products and services to find what tools work the best for PrimeDAO community and its contributors.

I agree with you on the last part. Thank you for sharing this document.

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Hey Primers!

It is at its core a verbal acknowledgment and celebration from a TEC member on actions or work done by other TEC member(s). Praise, however, represents so much more…

sorry to hijack your Reward System conversation. I wanted to introduce another option that might pique your interest. Have you ever heard about Praise? It is a model of individual contributors acknowledging and celebrating contributions made other contributors ! Praise was something we started doing back at Camp Decentral at Burning Man in 2017 but we’ve brought it to the DAO space with Giveth, Commons Stack, the TEC and soon Gnosis.

In practice Praise can look something like this:

And on top of that the Commons Stack has designed a Reward System to distribute rewards, DAO tokens, stables or whatever flavour of ERC-20 you want to reward the receivers of praise.

It was built and test driven in the TEC with awesome results (I think). The CS Reward System offers a way to gather data from different streams,(currently praise data and sourcecred) and have subjective data quantified by a random generated pool of onboarded community members known as “Quantifiers”.

The Quantification Process is another great way to engage community members into action, Quantifiers are also rewarded for their work through the Reward System.

A robust analysis report is generated from every “quantification cycle” that allows deep dives into the health of your community with certain metrics such as:

  • what subjective contributions were most valued
  • whose contributions were most valued
  • flows of praise from one contributor to others
  • cross-period analysis to see how praise and sourcecred activity fluctuate over time.

You can check out an example Rewards/Praise analysis here.

The main benefit I see for Prime addresses some of @Chrissu issues outlined:

Praise and subsequently Praise Rewards allows casual conributors to jump in, create value for Prime when they can and have their contributions tracked and rewarded by a strong culture of dishing Praise.

The CS Reward System is at MVP phase and is available for any DAO who would like to have this product installed.


I couldn’t attach any more links but if you want to learn more about how it could work for Prime check out the detailed explanation in the TEC forum: