Launch Squad February/March-2023 Funding Proposal: 15.15k USDC + 22k USD in D2D

In the months of February and March of 2023 the Launch squad is working on the following objectives:


  • Scout and support projects to fundraise through Prime Launch
    • Attract and identify possible launches;
    • Support projects throughout launch planning, setup and communications;
  • Lead and maintain the Prime Growth Program and expand its related partnerships
    • Scout and start engagement with projects, understand their needs and assessing what support is needed and could be provided;
    • Provide ongoing support to projects throughout participation in the program;
    • Maintain and expand pools of mentors and service providers, including onboarding new ones, maintaining relationships and connecting them to projects matching the latter’s needs;
    • Set up and maintain infrastructure for the program;
      • Implement agreements and badges for projects and partners of the program
  • Maintain Prime’s communications channels
    • Plan and post Twitter updates;
    • Plan events with partners;
    • Publish the Prime Times newsletter;
    • Manage Discord and community engagement.
  • Look for and develop partnerships for Prime.


Total rewards for February and March:

USDC: 15.15k

D2D: 22k USD equivalent*

Costs breakdown

Role Feb - USDC Feb - USD in D2D* Mar - USDC Mar - USD in D2D* Total USDC Total USD in D2D*
Alp Strategy 3.4k 5k 5k 5k 8.4k 10k
Luiz Fernando Operations 1.5k 3k 1.5k 3k 3k 6k
Selçuk BizDev 1.5k 3k 1.5k 3k 3k 6k
Kagan Communications 750 - - - 750 -
Total - 7.15k 11k 8k 11k 15.15k 22k

*: values in USD; amount of D2D to be valued at a 30-day moving average from the date of transfer according to the aforementioned amounts in USD.

Author: Luiz Fernando | | @louizfe on Telegram and Twitter