Kolektivo Labs Q2 22 Budget (59,750 USDC + 30,000 D2D)

Short Pitch
Kolektivo Labs has actively supported PrimeDAO’s transition towards workstream and squad-based resource planning, as a result - nearly 75% of Kolektivo Labs’ contributors are primarily scoped in a newly created Prime Squad. Whilst most of the planning and coordination will now take place in squads, some of Kolektivo Labs’ contributors are yet to be onboarded into a specific squad. There are also several Prime resources that are currently being developed and maintained by Kolektivo Labs that can not yet be effectively handed over to a specific squad. The Kolektivo Labs squad will maintain and develop Prime’s design resources, website, and Rating app. Kolektivo Labs will also continue to source and retain talent towards PrimeDAO and support the definition and design of the Prime dApps.

Total Rewards Requested
USDC: 20,750 + 20,000 + 19,000 = 59,750 USDC
D2D: 10,000 + 10,000 + 10,000 = 30,000 D2D

Q1 2022 Objectives
There are 7 separate primary objectives that Kolektivo Labs aims to address for this cycle:

  • To do a large update on the Prime.xyz website and support the creation of the Prime Deck
    ahead of the Strategic Round
  • To manage the Prime service accounts, workspaces, emails
  • To build out and improve the Prime design system
  • To provide research and design support for Prime Pools, Prime Launch, Prime Rating, and
    Prime Deals
  • To support the development of the Proposal Inverter
  • To maintain the Prime Rating database and Webapp
  • To actively engage, curate, and retain talent for PrimeDAO

Read the full proposal here.