Kolektivo Labs Builder Proposal: October ($16K USDC + 100K D2D)

In light of the recent strategic and budget discussions, Kolektivo Labs will take Luuk and the DAOops-related tasks into the KL proposal. We hope to scale up the KL team again in Q4.

Total Rewards Requested
USDC: 16,000 = 16,000 USDC
D2D: 100,000 at 0.061 Cent using 30-day MA

October 2022 Objectives
There are 7 separate primary objectives that Kolektivo Labs aims to address for this cycle:

  • To manage the Prime service accounts, workspaces, emails
  • To build out and improve the Prime design system
  • To provide research, testing, and design support for Prime Launch, Prime Rating, and Prime Deals
  • To lead the Prime Governance & Tokenomics Redesign
  • To carry the responsibilities of the DAOops squad in the transition of PrimeDAO
  • To support the ReFi Launch & Growth Program
  • To represent PrimeDAO in the Safe Guardians

Read the full proposal here.