Kolektivo Labs Builder Cycle #6 Proposal: September

This proposal is created for the Kolektivo Labs contribution to the first half of Cycle #6.

A full breakdown of the contributions and costs can be found here

We have budgeted 7 FTEs for the first four weeks and estimate a similar amount of FTEs for the following four weeks of contributions.

There are 6 separate primary objectives that Kolektivo Labs aims to address for this

  • To provide ongoing ecosystem leadership and contribute to strategies,
    governance evolution, Tokenomics, product management, business
    development and monthly calls.
  • To lead the BizDev & Marketing efforts or PrimeDAO
  • To lead the design and BizDev efforts around Prime Launch
  • To continue the development of Prime Deals.
  • To lead the development of Prime Rating
  • To lead the design of Prime Pools
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