Ecosystem Workstream Q1 22 Budget

Ecosystem Workstream is the metaphysical space where people, bots, organisms, platforms work together to form the bubble of life that keeps PrimeDAO Network interconnected. We focus on furthering the interests of Prime’s community internally and within the DAOverse by improving coordination, communication, engagement, reach, and community growth. The ecosystem workstream mission is work to provide a sensible and healthy environment for DAO adoption.

The Workstream covers three (3) squads: Eco-Communications & Design, Eco-Community & Support, and Eco-Marketing & PR

Total Rewards Requested

29.000 + 29.000 = 58.000 USDC

24.500 + 24.500 = 49.000 D2D

A full breakdown of the timeline, objectives, and budget can be found here.

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