Dogfooding the Proposal Inverter

Dogfooding the Proposal Inverter


  • The ‘Proposal Inverter’ (PI) is a high-demand De-Fi component since the inception of the DAO ecosystem. It is meant to tackle the issue of inconvenient and unnecessarily lengthy communications experienced between researchers and funders. The proposal inverter inverts the DAO-proposal relationship. Such that, instead of having many proposals for a single DAO, we will have many DAOs for a single proposal. This enables the collaborative funding of proposals that benefit multiple DAOs throughout the ecosystem. This highly demanded tool would be a very valuable addition to PrimeDAO’s product suit which aiemd to enhance DAO to DAO relationship.

Proposal description

Proposal Inverter Meta Proposal: PrimeDAO Proposal :robot:

*Meta proposal is a proposal where funders can see all the necessary information such as deliverables, milestones, team, building philosophy, and involvement of each party in terms of labor and funding.

Total Amount Requested by PrimeDAO: 45.000 USDC