Daoism Systems: six weeks budget request for PrimeLaunch & PrimePools development (July/August)

Daoism Systems: Development budget for PrimeLaunch and PrimePools

July and half August Key Objectives

As a part of a D2D workstream Daoism Systems Dev-Squad is focusing on a full cycle of software development, starting from writing technical specifications to the actual code implementation. As a main development force of PrimeDAO, Daoism Systems takes responsibility over the design and development of PrimeLaunch and PrimePools. In this cycle we aim to address the following primary objectives:

  • PrimePools frontend finalization
  • PrimeLaunch frontend finalization
  • Bug fixes based on the security audit report
  • PrimePools and PrimeLaunch deployment & Go-live
  • Support

Cost Breakdown

Role Description

  • Tech Lead: Leading the development, aligning developers, general tech leadership.
  • Frontend Dev.: Building PrimeDAO interfaces, integrating smart contracts and front-end
  • Backend Dev.: Writing Solidity smart contracts, testing and deployment of smart contracts.
  • Sr. level: high level of knowledge, can provide complex solutions and support others
  • Mid. level: Has already some web3 experience, is able to work alone

Results communication

Daoism Systems will communicate the results to dedicated PrimeDAO product owner on an agreed regular basis, such as weekly meetings and via telegram.


Ilja Solomonovs I Telegram: @isolo84 I Email: ilja@daoism.systems

Arseny Akinfiev I Telegram: @arseny332 I Email: arseny@daoism.systems

Hi guys!
PrimeLaunch and Celo integration is ready! Here is a video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software