Curve Labs Builder Cycle #9 Proposal: February & March (191.5K)

This proposal is created for the Curve Labs contribution to Cycle #9 including the months of February and January.

A full breakdown of the contributions and costs can be found here

We have budgeted 10 FTEs for February and 9.75 FTEs for March.

There are 6 separate primary objectives that Curve Labs aims to address within these two months:

  1. Prime Stewards to lead their respected squads and support the re-structuring and talent allocation for the organization.
  2. Iterating on Prime Launch and deploying the necessary fixes.
  3. Continuation of Prime Deals development and product strategy.
  4. Continuous support for the Prime Pools development.
  5. Continuous support for the Proposal Inverter development.
  6. Play an active role in the Tokenomics design and provide consultation for PrimeDAO HR restructuring.

In order to support these tasks, we will be providing support with:

  • PM: 1 FTE
  • Front-End Engineers: 5 FTE
  • Back-End Engineers: 1.5 FTE
  • Technical Writer: 1 FTE
  • UX/QA: 0.5 FTE
  • Product Strategy: 0.75 FTE
  • Strategy: 0.25 FTE
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