Curve Labs Builder Cycle #14 Proposal: November + December (39K)

This proposal is created for Curve Labs contribution to Cycle #14 including the months of November & December.

We have budgeted 2.5 FTEs monthly.

There are 3 separate primary objectives that Curve Labs addressed for this cycle:

  1. Support ongoing launches on Prime Launch
  2. Deploying Prime Launch Seed V1 and V2 on Celo, ensuring the functionality of Seed module on Celo, as well as leading product and documentation maintenance.
  3. Play a supporting role in the ecosystem strategy.

In order to support these tasks, we have provided support with:

  • PM: 0.5 FTE
  • Front-End Engineers: 1 FTE
  • Back-End Engineers: 0.5 FTE
  • UX/QA: 0.5 FTE