Creation of the Genesis DAOplomats Squad (GDS)

GDS formation proposal

Formation of the Genesis DAOplomats Squad

Prime DAO began its research on D2D coordination at the beginning of 2021. Since then,we also have collaborated and negotiated long-term partnerships with aligned DAOs to build PrimeDAO’s network positioning in the ecosystem into a DAO2DAO builders hub. Since then, our partnership squad has been exposed to many pain points of the DAO2DAO ecosystem. One of the greatest pain points that we have come across is the governance process of DAOs when it comes to treasury management; treasury diversification, ecosystem investment, asset management, and so on.

We have acquired considerable industry know-how and learnings over the past partnership agreements that the members of this proposal conducted to structure a framework for how treasury and partnership squads can interact with DAO governances to have more flexibility and trust in their operations while working towards the best interest of their DAO. Below is a list of such partnership agreements that diversified PrimeDAO’s treasury, established new partnerships and intensified the relationship with already aligned DAOs, acquired strategic assets, and initiated joint ventures with other DAOs:

PrimeDAO <> OlympusDAO:

PrimeDAO <> Gitcoin:

PrimeDAO <> BalancerDAO:

PrimeDAO <> VitaDAO:

PrimeDAO <> Symmetric:

As the Prime Deals product is launching on May 18th, we want to apply our learnings and create the first partnership squad, called the Genesis DAOplomats.

Genesis DAOplomats Squad (GDS) will be the first Partnerships squad that will manage a part of Prime DAOs treasury to be able to obtain flexibility for better treasury management practices and proactive engagement within the fast-changing ecosystem standards with autonomy. GDS will be conducting these operations through Prime Deals to showcase the use-cases of what kind of DAO2DAO interactions can be facilitated by the platform, and the efficiency it adds to scale up such operations for DAOs.

PrimeDAO is growing as the infrastructure provider for the DAO ecosystem, which creates a unique network positioning that can deliver more benefits to PrimeDAO and its ecosystem partners through active treasury involvement with the purpose of acquiring strategic assets, intensifying relations with existing and new partners, and investing into new DAOs that will join to PrimeDAO’s ecosystem.

GDS intends to use these funds for:

  • Token Swaps and partnerships with aligned DAOs
  • Treasury diversification for PrimeDAO
  • Acquiring strategic assets for PrimeDAO’s ecosystem activities (e.g. $BAL)
  • Investment into new DAOs that PrimeDAO intends to establish deep bonds with
  • Joint Ventures exploration and backing

Squad Operational Details & Accountabilities

  • GDS will be responsible for 1 million $D2D tokens until the end of Q4. (1% of total D2D supply). After the Prime Strategic Round, we may request an amount in USDC to extend the potential of the squad.
  • GDS will be able to conduct treasury operations with these funds for the best interest of PrimeDAO in line with its Manifesto.
  • Token Swaps, Joint Ventures, and Investments will be put up for proposal and subject to DAO’s approval.
  • OTC Deals and other market operations that might suffer from the time delay in the proposal for a committed action will be done without a proposal. Such actions will be reported to the PrimeDAO community retrospectively with a clear rationale.
  • Deals that involve a counterpart will be conducted using Prime Deals and made public once both parties are aligned. As such, the terms of the agreements will be open to public scrutiny.
  • At the end of Q3 and Q4, a detailed process report will be created and presented to the wider community.
  • PrimeDAO will own 100% of the assets in the GDS multisig.

Squad Members & Addresses

Multisig: To be generated before Snapshot

Squad Members

Luuk: luukdao.eth

Alp: daoplomat.eth

Ata: metaberk.eth

Adam: 0x16A794005375c8D4a029c93f6A018530Da9171Fe

Bartu: 0x16b54743432EF81F77E1ea2ea18e75691caA2fa8

Salome: To be added


D2D: 1.000.000


Big fan of this proposal and the direction we’re moving with the DAOplomacy structure! 100% in favor


this is awesome! in favor of this and would like to be involved


Let’s discuss this in our next meeting!