Community & Support Squad - Engagement Campaign for Prime Deals

Community & Support Squad - Engagement Campaign for Prime Deals

Description: We have a community of approximately 3000 people on our social channels, so we propose an internal campaign competition to activate the >3000 community members to think and promote Prime Deals content on Twitter.
We want the community to understand the value of D2D and feel ownership over the project.

Bring attention to Prime Deals launch - By having multiple people retweeting DAO-to-DAO collabs, we can track massive attention to PrimeDAO from leading DAOs in the space and hopefully incentivize a few token swaps through twitter.

Activate and engage the community with the products - One of the major goals for community and support squad is to create product-oriented campaigns and events and educate the community on the D2D potential.

Discord: 2,588 members
Telegram: 849 members

Budget: $500 USDCD2D

If we have 30 people retweeting about Prime Deals, and only 3 people have 1000 impressions that equals to 30,000 impressions, 2minimum - 15maximum reach.
The current number of retweets 600 impressions.
The campaign could be considered as a decentralized promotion by turning our community to twitter evangelists of our product.
At the same time, this can create connection and conversation with our community 100% focused on our upcoming product.

This is a challenge for the PrimeDAO community to promote and support Prime Deals but also to feel included. The challenge requires participants to share the daos they want to see integrating, the reason, and challenge their friends on Twitter to do the same.





Participation criteria:
Multiple inquiries are possible



It would be great to propose some social media content specifically focuses on this engagement campaign. Such as a one-pager style infographic that explains what kind of products PrimeDAO offers.


Let’s go!!
Nice to have initiatives on the community activation side. Supporting this


Hm could you elaborate please? I totally agree that infographics are powerful to deliver PrimeDAO’s vision and mission.

This was the one-pager I was mentioning. Even though this is not an infographic visual, its simple and explanatory approach gives a lot about GCR in one image.

When it comes to infographics, I believe it is more important to collect data first, then try to look for stories among available data. I was thinking about writing a FA report for PrimeDAO, but with the contribution of @dabar90, I realize I need more than FA Template for this task. Making a DAO-focused rate event will be the first thing I will propose tbh. After that report, it will be easier to collect data and create social media content.

Additionally, I realize that there is a mechanism within PrimeDAO that shares reports to Twitter with a nice visual. I believe those semi-automated content needs to include hashtags to create community among content.

Anyway, back to your proposal: We need to clarify the name of the product; I saw Dao2Dao wording in the presentation, and PrimeDeals felt confused at that moment. When we agree on specific hashtags, we can create a challenge and put prizes among randomly selected participants. I feel like when the project explains ‘most shared - liked - commented posts’, it demoralizes smaller accounts immediately.

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I’m not sure if this is a proposal, but for a budget this small there’s no need to issue a proposal – just include these as expense costs in a longer proposal.


Questions on that:
What do you think would be the minimum budget for a proposal, maybe around 2-5k?

A good way to plan ahead is to create a process and a budget list to support and produce events, education, resources in the beginning of each quarter.

That sounds about right. It’s highly situational. But there’s a reason we do proposal cycles every 2-3 months: it reduces overhead for everyone.

Speaking openly, even though I have something like 2.5% of the DAO’s REP, it’s not worth my time to review a sub-$10k budget. Something to consider.

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That makes totally sense.

Appreciate the clarification.


I agree with @papa_raw, I think this can be a proposal to inform rather than ask for a budget. We approved the budget already from the EWS side :eyes: