Budget Request for Attending EthDenver to Represent PrimeDAO

We propose to allocate a budget for Namik Muduroglu (Launch), Ataberk Casur (Deals and Proposal Inverter), Matteo Lunghi (Dev), and David Carrera (Dev) to travel to EthDenver to represent PrimeDAO and make connections that can help the DAO source new talent, partners, and users for its products. We will be in Sync with Jahed from PrimeDAO, who is the Marketing Lead, as accountability for connections and potential opportunities. We will travel on separate days but our stay will encompass days between February 15 to February 20.

Below is the cost breakdown for our requested budget.
NYC-Denver Flights: $300 each for David, Namik, and Ata.
Boston-Denver Flight: $650 for Matteo
Transportation & Unaccounted tax expenses on top of the given prices: :$500
Stay: Two rooms at Hyatt Regency, one queen/one double bed totaling $1900

Total Requested Budget: $4000

Please let us know if you need any more details about this proposal or there are changes you would like to see. Ata will put this proposal to vote on Monday.