"Ambassador" Sponsorship to "The DAOist - Dawn"

Formalising the cavalier agreement between Luuk and Felipe at the DAO level. Shall the 2 sister projects walk into the future together and have Prime be one of the leading orgs of Dawn DAO?

This is an invitation to become one of the 5 organizations with a DAOist ambassadorship. Keystone partners that allow us to secure, equip and staff the Lisbon Metahub and will also be direct beneficiaries of the communications work. For the success of the initiative we’d like them to be of wide ecosystemic relevance. Can’t think of anyone better than Prime to take part.

A full deck for the Sponsorship tier can be seen here

A summary of the deal is:

75K total in usdc for the following perks:

Governance over Dawn:

  • Ambassadorship Badge NFT + Set of Delegate NFTs totalling 16 votes.

Combo of sponsorship perks:

  • 1 Master sponsorship slot at a The DAOist event per year (brand placement, speaking slot, custom activation all included)
  • One meetup specific to your org organised within the Lisbon Metahub complex of initiatives.
  • Metahub specific brand activation (Naming rights or custom activation or swag).

Priority pass + Lisbon Metahub access:

  • Priority Access for DAOist tickets before release to general public
  • Coworking + Dorm access for “delegate” token holders (subject to availability)
  • Priority for ‘Residency Program’ agenda setting

Communications and content support:

  • Your organisation’s themes and products will be kept top of mind on the work of the communications team (written content, graphic and video content creation and support)

I fully support this proposal. The DAOist has been a key amplifier to PrimeDAO since its first event. I believe having an ambassadorship benefits Prime by providing digital and physical environments for uplifting the scaling of our organizations.

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Sounds like a no-brainer to me. lfg!

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Can this be expanded to all events given that this is essentially seed capital? Or all events for the first year?

How do you determine who qualifies from PrimeDAO? Do they require Rep?

What is the address of the metahub?

Support this proposal, just want some more details!


The MetaHub will be in Lisbon likely around the neighbourhood of Arroios, in the vicinity of Plantasia.

This house is my current favorite of the places I’m in negotiation with.

The access will happen by a process of delegation:

  • Prime as a DAO receives a non transferable badge signifying the Ambassadorship. This badge will sit at the public wallet of the organisation.

  • Prime can decide the minting of its 16 votes in any division between 5, 2.5 and 1 increments that will be individual delegate tokens sent to the delegates of the DAO’s choosing. (You could have 16 delegates with one vote or 1 with 5, 4 with 2.5 and one with 1 vote etc.)

How the DAO will make this decision is an internal discussion - in the case of prime we could use REP or some other measure of account as a system to find a balance of legitimacy / interest / relevance for this distribution - But the delegate tokens remain TRANSFERABLE.

Its of my absolute interest that this distribution is done as wisely as possible and I’ll make myself available to support consensus processes that arise.

In a practical sense, the DAO could have a set of 1 vote tokens that could be sent around to whoever needs access to the space at a given time and some set of higher powered tokens given to people that are interested in performing the DAOplomacy between the projects.

We could define this before the distribution of the NFTs which I think is not of the essence - the NFTs could be sent to the Multisig and distributed according to a process defined by the DAO (with my help if desired)


Regarding to expanding visibility:

I will look out for ways to get all the Ambassadors visibility everywhere around the DAOist brand. Main focus right now is to set up the DAO so we can decide as ecosystem. 2 main steps are the tech and establishing key players.

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Strongly in support of this proposal!
I also agree with @papa_raw that expanding the master sponsorship slot beyond one event should be considered.
Looking forward to the next event!

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