About the Governance category


​PrimeDAO is a collective of leading DeFi builders and researchers focused on enhancing decentralized control and coordination. The Prime app provides a range of services to digital organizations throughout the entire cycle from initiation (Launch) to growth (Pools) and maturity (Deals). Some of the most respected and active builders groups have aligned under the Prime umbrella, including Curve Labs, Kolektivo Labs, Blockscience, and Token Engineering Commons. The collective is committed to enabling DAO 2 DAO coordination to make DeFi a (more) positive-sum ecosystem.

Prime Development Cycles

To improve the organization’s effectiveness, PrimeDAO operates in Prime Development Cycles (PDCs), periods of approximately 2 months, during which builders groups are resourced and committed to specific tasks based on priorities. The PDCs take inspiration from Agile development. Overall, PrimeDAO operates as a multi-stakeholder ecosystem with different squads, each with a lead, having specific responsibilities within PrimeDAO.

Prime Development Proposals

Prime Development Proposals (PDP) are proposals that are anticipated to have a medium to large impact on the future of PrimeDAO. PDPs can be compared to a Board resolution in a traditional organization, the biggest difference being that in PrimeDAO, everyone sits on the board. The PDP process and PrimeDAO’s overall development are supported by the Prime Stewards, experienced and respected PrimeDAO members that have emerged as natural stewards of PrimeDAO.

PrimeDAO on Boardroom